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DFW Redline Racers is a company run by dedicated and experienced motorcycle specialists who are passionate about helping the local residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have access to affordable and exceptional motorcycle services. Yamaha has been a top company in the production of motorcycles as well as other vehicles, and has been able to produce some of the most recognized bikes globally, from dirt bikes all the way to dirt bike components. Yamaha’s bikes have a traditional look that is loved by many. They come standard with several features that allow for a comfortable ride for those who choose to purchase one. 

One of these features is the Yamaha bike key. The bike key that Yamaha has put into its machines is unique in many ways, but is relatively simple to use. The Yamaha bike keys are inserted vertically into the ignition switch located under the gas tank of every motorcycle made by this company. After inserting the key, turn it clockwise until it stops, and then pull it out of the switch. You will find that this process is simple to do, even if you have never used a motorcycle key before. Some people are concerned that they may break their ignition switch because it requires quite a bit of pressure to turn the key. However, Yamaha has designed its ignition switches to be strong enough to handle a little force. 

As Yamaha is one of the first choices for someone looking to purchase a bike, it is vital to get a great deal while doing so. As an authorized Lewisville Yamaha dealer, we will help you find the most suitable bike that fits your needs and will last for the ages to come.




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  • Affordable and Reliable Lewisville Yamaha Bike Experts

    Yamaha bikes offer an outstanding value for riders who want a bike that is affordable and durable. Yamaha bikes are great because they provide various options for riders, including motorcycles with automatic transmissions and dual suspension. Many Yamaha bikes also come with anti-lock braking systems and other safety features that make them perfect for new or inexperienced riders. 

    One of Yamaha’s most popular bikes is the FZ-07. This bike is perfect for commuting or riding on twisty back roads, and it has a fuel-injected 689cc parallel-twin engine that makes it robust and fun to ride. The FZ-07 also comes with a stylish and sporty fairing that helps to protect you from the wind and weather. In addition, Yamaha also has a great selection of dual-sport and dirt bikes to choose from, and the DT-07 Flat Track Racer is an excellent example of this. This bike is perfect for riders who want to do some flat track racing or engage in other types of motocross events, and it has the same engine as the FZ-07.

    Regardless of the type of bike you own, our specialists will help you every step of the way. Whether you need to do a full tuneup or just want to replace your headlight bulb, DFW Redline Racers can help. Our experienced mechanics will thoroughly inspect your bike and let you know what repairs it needs.